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* Drums, Hardwares, Cymbals, Mic Stand, Mics & fan are not included


Social Distancing Barrier Shields

What we face most of the time on stage is the overpowering volume spilling out into the audience. Drums are generally a louder instrument but it can be controlled by erecting a portable booth complete with sound absorption panels.

Since 1996, ClearSonic Manufacturing Inc. has been a world leading producer of American made transparent sound shields (ClearSonic Panels or CSP), acoustic absorption baffles (SORBER) and portable isolation booths (Isolation Booths and Amp Isolation). Their goal is to provide you with high quality, cost-effective solutions to your acoustic isolation needs while providing uncompromising customer service before, during and after your purchase. That is our goal too as an International Dealer.

These systems are modular and customizable to each of your needs depending on the size of the drumkit, amplifiers and application. They are also easy to be dismantled and stored away when not in use or needed to be moved from location to locations. With careful usage and storage, their durablility extends to years and beyond.

COVID-19 launched new usage for Clearsonic Modular and Portable Shields to function as Social Distancing Barrier Shields in between tables, work stations, cubicles etc.

Speak to me to find out more.

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