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Started by a drummer in 2004 with a deep passion to meet the needs of drummers, regardless if you are a beginner, semi-pro and pro drummers locally or all around the region, he personally takes care of each one of you.


Nigel Gan, a name well known in the drum and houses of worship scene for looking after drummers and taking care of their drums both, by providing drum equipment and sound shielding consultations, maintenance of drumkits, drum tunings and drum teching.

He is humbled to have worked with drum legends like Peter Erskine, Dave Weckl, Hillary Jones, Kozo Suganuma, Steve Smith, Virgil Donati, Billy Cobham, John Blackwell, Simon Philips, Kenny Aronoff, Rick Latham, Carl Albretch, Louis Santiago Jr., Thomas Lang, Will Kennedy, Jojo Meyer, Benny Greb, Akira Jimbo, Mike Mangini, Gordan Campbell, Derek Roddy, Grant Collins, Nate Morton, Tony Royster Jr., Greb Bisonette, Teddy Campbell, Chris Coleman, Dave Elitch, Eric Moore, Stanley Randolf, Josh Nickel and many more.

Uniting local and regional drummers is his goal.

​Your satisfaction is his business.

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