Barrier Shields - Modular & Portable

Clearsonic free-standing Portable Shield Panels work great to help employees and customers to socially distance and reduce direct virus transmission risks.


An application example of a 3 panel configuration of 5.5' x 6' setup Clearsonic Portable Shield Panels as a barrier shield for a hair saloon and a showroom.

Application of Clearsonic Portable Shield Panels as Barrier Shields for any applications.

Barrier Shield
Barrier Shield
Barrier Shield
Barrier Shield


ClearSonic wants to help get your business safely up and running again, so they have designed a countertop Portable Shield Panel product line to protect against coughs and sneezes:

• Made from durable ¼-inch thick acrylic
• Free-standing & adjustable
• Modular & expandable to fit your specific need
• 100% American Made


In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world, causing lockdowns and social distancing, we seek your understanding that manpower, manufacturing, orders and shipments are all affected. We will follow up on your orders closely, inform you of the shipment arrival promptly and deliver your orders as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your business.

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